Terms and conditions not accepted in the Amazon shipping manager

If you receive the above message after clicking the Get Rates button then it is likely you haven't agreed to the Amazon Merchant Fulfilled terms and conditions.

Just pop over to the below link when logged into your Amazon account and agree to their Terms and Conditions:

Amazon shipping manager terms and conditions 

Why can't I merge my Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders?

At present, the Amazon API requires that a single shipment is made on an order by order basis, as a result, it's not currently possible to create shipments for merged orders.

Why can't I create shipments for my eBay orders?

The Amazon Merchant Fulfilled shipping system only supports Amazon orders (both standard and prime) as a result of this you can't make shipments for orders originating from any other sales channels.

Things to be aware of with (Prime)NextDay orders

When shipping (prime)NextDay orders you need to make sure that you are always using a next day service. The only exception to this is if an order is made and shipped on the same day but after Amazon's 2:30 PM cut off, in this situation you can use a 48 hour service.

To be sure that you always get your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime next day orders on time and within Amazons specifications we suggest you prioritise your services by Quickest Time as seen in the screenshot below.

Manifesting Royal Mail shipments booked through the Amazon Merchant Fulfilled platform

Amazon Merchant Fulfilled shipments are booked through Amazon's API and their Royal Mail integration, as a result of this the manifest is generated from within your seller central account.

Just navigate to the buy shipping page of your Seller Central account and look for the manifest  button. Or click the link here: Amazon Manifest page

If you can't see any recently generated shipments Just click the refresh button and this should allow you to view your Amazon Royal Mail shipments that were generated in Zenstores.