The below guide covers how to entirely remove a sales channel from your Zenstores account.

Please Note: That following this process will not only remove the sales channel from your Zenstores account it will also remove all orders associated with that sales channel in Zenstores.

First of all hover over Settings in the top right corner of your Zenstores dashboard, from here click Stores.

This will bring you to the Stores settings page in your Zenstores account where you can manage your store connections.

Click on the sales channel you would like to remove. This will reveal further options including the Remove button.

To remove a sales channel and all orders associated with it

Please click the Remove button for the relevant sales channel. This will take you to a page where you will have to confirm the removal.

Important: This will permanently delete all of your order information (notes, flags, etc) for this channel and Zenstores will stop syncing your orders with this channel. This will not make any changes on your sales channel.

Disable store without removal

If you don't want to remove the store but instead just want to disable it importing orders, you can just click the Disable button.

For more info on this please see our help guide: How to stop my channel importing orders

If you receive the below message

"Due to the high volume of orders on this channel please contact support to deactivate it"

This means that the volume of orders you have associated with this sales channel is of such a high volume that the channel removal will need to to be scheduled.

To get this processed please contact our support team on either or give us a call on 0117 205 0604 and we'll get this booked in for you.