So what is this email I have received?

A feature that we currently offer our users is allowing them to also email an invoice for each order they create a shipment for in their Zenstores account.

When this happens you will receive an email with a link to your orders invoice. You can then print the invoice or save it as a PDF.

Issues and questions

If you have any issues or questions about this please contact the company you originally ordered your item from.

If you think we can help resolve this, please get in touch at

Why has this happened?

Our user has requested that this email is sent to all their customers (in this case yourself) once an order has been shipped.

What is Zenstores?

Zenstores is shipping software that connects your online shop and marketplace accounts to your couriers, giving you one place from which you can see all of your orders, print delivery labels, send invoices and dispatch orders with tracking information.