How Zenstores plans work
Zenstores plans are tiered with upper limits and designed to be flexible so you can upgrade when sales are up and downgrade if sales are slow.

This means, when you reach the upper limit of the plan you are on and upgrade to the next plan your shipment allowance will increase to the limit of the plan above.

For example when upgrading:
Acme Co. is on the Zenstores 3,000 shipment plan and is 7 days from their shipment usage renewal date. But, Acme Co. is having a fantastic month and has already used 2999 shipments but still has over 1000 orders left to ship that month.

Acme Co. would then upgrade to the 6000 shipments plan, therefore, moving into the next shipment usage bracket.

Acme Co. now has access to an extra 3001 shipments, because they have already shipped 2999 orders within their billing cycle.

This change is made instantly in Zenstores and an invoice created.

Acme Co.’s invoice for this month would then be their usual £45 plus the cost of the upgrade: £79 (6,000 plan) - £45 (Already paid 3,000 plan) = £34

For example when downgrading:
Acme Co. is now on the Zenstores 6,000 shipment plan but sales have unfortunately slowed, therefore, they would like to downgrade their plan.

Acme Co. downgrades their plan back to the 3,000 shipment plan from their Zenstores dashboard.

This change will be made at the end of their current billing cycle.