What does sales revenue mean?

Sales revenue in Zenstores Insights refers to the total value of all paid orders, including postage charges.

Who can view Zenstores Insights?

You can control which users on your account have access to Zenstores Insights, see this guide for help setting up your user permissions.

How much does it cost?

Zenstores Insights is free. If you have a Zenstores Dispatch paid subscription, it does not affect it in any way and is available to businesses with paid subscriptions and those using our free trial.

How accurate is the data?

Zenstores Insights is a performance dashboard, not accounting software. It is not intended for financial reporting to HMRC. The sales data visible within Zenstores Insights may differ slightly from other data sources you use. Discrepancies may be caused by the following:

  • Delays in our data connection to a sales channel (typically it can take up to an hour for an order placed on your store to be reflected in Zenstores).
  • Variations in currency conversion rates applied to international orders.
Are foreign currency orders included?

Yes, international orders are included in the sales & revenue metrics. These orders are converted to your base currency on the order date and time using information from openexchangerates.org.

Are refunded or cancelled orders included in these revenue numbers?

If an order is cancelled or refunded, the order value will still be included in this chart.

What is not included in the metrics?
  • Amazon FBA orders are currently not included in sales reports
  • Shopify Point-Of-Sale (POS) orders are currently not included in sales reports
How often is data updated?

Chart data is updated every 30 minutes, however you will need to refresh the page to see the updated figures.