Some people like to get all their Monday orders prepped over the weekend so as to have an easier and better prepared start to the week. Luckily here at Zenstores we have this functionality built into the process for booking couriers, you can easily set the collection/pick up date to be a different date and time, for a step by step guide on how to do this please see below.

Please note: The below guide assumes you already know how to book out single and batch shipments of orders

1.First of all select your order and click the create shipments button

2.Then select your preferred courier, your shipments service and all your other order details. Then before you click Book shipments un-tick the Ready for collection/drop-off today tick box.

3. Then select your preferred pick up date and time from the two new fields.

4. Then you can click the Book shipments button and process your order/order's like normal