When printing shipping labels with Royal Mail (2D barcode labels), myHermes, APC & Yodel you will need to ensure that the label size is set to match your printer & paper configuration.

Changing the default label size in Zenstores is a breeze, here's how..

1. Hover the Settings option in the top navigation, then click on Shipping.


2. On the Shipping settings page, scroll down until you see the Carrier label format section, then click the Edit Label Type button.


3. Select the label format that you require from the Label Format drop-down list, and click Save.


Label formats explain:

Default label size for courier - this is the standard label size for a courier integration without a picking list.

For a full list of each couriers default label size please see this help guide: Courier default thermal label types

A4 2 per sheet - 2 courier size labels per A4 sheet

6"x4" label with separate picking sheet - A 6 by 4 label with a separate picking sheet

A4 integrated label - An A4 sheet of paper with invoice style lower section and sticky label at the top.

And you're done! The next time you print a courier shipping label it will be formatted as per the settings.