In this guide were going to cover a very important aspect of Zenstores, creating and assigning team members. If you have more than one employee it can become very important to be able to assign them to orders, or add notes to orders that are specifically for them and of course to give them a personal log in. This will allow you to be able to manage your employees whilst away from the workplace and interact with them.

Scroll further down if you prefer a step by step guide.

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Step by step guide:

1. First of all hover over 'Settings' and click 'Teammates'

2. Then click 'Add a new user'

3. Give your new user a first and last name, fill in their email address, create a secure password for them and finally click save

4. And there we go you have now added a new user

5. To assign your new team member to an order, go back to your new orders list, find an order and click the assign new team member icon

6. A pop up box will appear and you can then select your new team member from the drop down list and click 'Assign member'.

7. To filter your orders by team members simply click the Filter orders button on the top left. Then from the the Show order where.. drop down select Assigned user, then select your preferred user from the bottom drop down and finally click the Add filter button.

And there you have it you now have a new user and you can filter by that user as well.

Best of luck Helping Harry