In this guide were going to cover how to create and assign team members. 

1. First of all hover over Settings and click Teammates

2. Then click Add a new user

3. Give your new user a first and last name, fill in their email address and create a secure password.

Now you need to select what access you want to give them. There are 3 options.

A) Full Access: this will give them full access to your Zenstores account including everything except billing.

B) Dispatch access: This will give them access to creating shipments and other order management features only.

4. Finally just click the Save button and then you have created a new teammate.

Assigning a user to an order

5. To assign your new team member to an order, go back to your new orders list, find an order and click the assign new team member icon

6. A pop up box will appear and you can then select your new team member from the drop down list and click 'Assign member'.

7. To filter your orders by team members simply click the Filter orders button on the top left. Then from the the Show order where.. drop down select Assigned user,  then select your preferred user from the bottom drop down and finally click the Add filter button.

And there you have it you now have a new user and you can filter by that user as well.