Sometimes when trying to book a shipment using the Royal Mail integration you might receive an error message. Here is a list of common error messages and what you can do to resolve them.

Shipping Error - Royal Mail - ‘Invalid tariff code - XXXX’

The most likely cause for this error is that you have tried to book a Royal Mail shipment to an overseas address using a service that is not available to that country. Try booking the shipment again using a different Royal Mail service.

Shipping Error - Royal Mail - Access Denied (check credentials)

You will normally receive this error if you have changed your Username and or Password on the NetDespatch website but not updated this information in Zenstores. To fix this all you need to do is go to Royal Mail Update Account Page, and change the username and or password to match the ones on your NetDespatch account

Shipping Error Royal Mail - Type of Export is invalid

This error happens when filling out the CN22 customs form. The way to resolve this issue to change the Export Type from Goods to Merchandise.

Manifesting international orders on the NetDespatch website

When manifesting your international orders you need to make sure you are logging in from the correct URL. A common mistake is to log out of the NetDespatch website when doing national manifests and then just log straight back in from the same location, you must instead open a new tab and log in from this URL

Shipping Error Royal Mail - Destination Postal Code is mandatory for the country France - it should be nnnnn or ADnnn but not a Territory Postcode

You will receive this error when the post code of an order doesn't match the country of the order. This often occurs when an order is from a colony of a country, for example Mauritius and France, or Gribraltar and the United Kingdom.

The fix for this issue is to to change the orders country to the colony's name.

For example: You have an order that is for Gibraltar but the country has been entered as the United Kingdom, you simply have to change the country to Gibraltar and everything should then work fin.