Here are some common questions we get asked about the automatic order importing in Zenstores.

How long does it take to import orders from my online store into Zenstores?

When you first connect a store to Zenstores it will usually take around 30 minutes for your orders to import.

Note: Some platforms can be substantially quicker or slower than 30 minutes to import orders for the first time.

Please allow up to 2 hours for the order import to complete the first time.

To following is a realistic example of how order import times can differ between stores at peak times:

  • Amazon: 2.5 hours
  • Shopify: 30 mins
  • Etsy: 30 mins
  • eBay: 1 hour
  • Woocommerce: 30 mins
  • Magento: 2 hours

What happens if my orders still have not imported after 2 hours?

If you still can't see any orders in your dashboard after waiting for longer than 2 hours we then suggest testing your channel connection.

See the following guide:Testing and troubleshooting your store connection

How frequently does Zenstores automatically send order information back to your channel?

Note: When you dispatch an order in Zenstores it can take around 30 minutes to update on your store.

Zenstores will export order information (order status, parcel tracking information, etc) back to your stores every thirty minutes.

Please be patient and allow at least 30 minutes, but we generally suggest to allow up to a maximum of 1.5 hours, if after this time you are still seeing no change on your online store then please get in touch with us.

How frequently does Zenstores automatically import orders from an online store?

Zenstores automatically checks your online stores every 30 minutes and imports any new orders.

If you need an order to be imported right away then you can trigger a manual import from the "Import" button in the header bar from your dashboard.

Why isn't this happening constantly and why do I have to wait?

There are many many other people all using our servers for the above process and if we were constantly looking for new orders everything would slow down. So to solve this problem we have importing periods, that vary from channel to channel.