Welcome to the first chapter of the Getting Started with Zenstores guide! After creating your Zenstores account the first step to shipping orders with Zenstores is to connect your stores and marketplace accounts.

This allows Zenstores to import orders automatically and also to update their status when you mark them as dispatched on Zenstores.

Zenstores imports orders and updates the status of dispatched orders to your store every 30 minutes


How to connect your eBay store


How to connect your Shopify store


How to connect your Amazon account


How to connect your Magento store


How to connect your Etsy store


How to connect your WooCommerce store

Connecting multiple online stores

If you have already linked a marketplace or online store to Zenstores then you will not see the prompt when you login. However you can easily link more accounts by hovering over Settings and then clicking on Channels, you can then click on the 'Connect a store' button and finally in the drop down select your preferred online store.